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The Community Walking Trail

The Community Walking Trail

While visiting our son and his family in August, we were able to take many strolls through the community walking trail surrounding the Motherwell Reservoir in Kindersley, Saskatchewan. This is a lovely 4.2 km walk that many types of water birds and other wildlife call home. There are several benches for resting, where one can take in the picturesque views, and areas for picnics, or family gatherings. A few signs along the way point out interesting features or historical information about the area. A bridge crosses the reservoir, as seen above.


A variety of water plants, grasses, trees, bushes, and wildflowers can be seen while making your way through the trail.

bat house

A sanctuary for bats, with specially designed houses among the trees.


One of the more interesting “signs” indicating the type of animal to watch for near this spot.


An ornate fence, only about eight feet long on each side of the path is held fast by four cast iron fence posts decorated with the Saskatchewan coat of arms.  The purpose of the fence is not clear. There is no need for a bridge nor is there water nearby.



Some paths lead down to the water, and children fish at these spots. I’m not sure what kind of fish would be here.
If walking in the evening , the sun shone orange, and the sky turned pink.