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Fall Fascination

Fall Fascination

Autumn presents us with a palette of warm colours to enjoy.
In yellow and gold…

Red and orange…

In my neighbourhood…

In the park…

Richly coloured berries and rose hips adorn the soon to be bare branches.

And finally, this perfect poplar leaf, it’s autumn flight stopped short when it landed on this evergreen branch, seemed as if it wanted to linger for a little while longer.

Beautiful, and Versatile, Trees

Beautiful, and Versatile, Trees

I’ve been noticing trees lately. They are diverse in form. The bark is unique to each species. They are one of the most beautiful, and useful, objects in nature. The way they are planted can provide protection from the wind, or sun.


People intervene, and the wood is used for various purposes. The tree rings reveal growth and weather patterns. Some historical events can be traced through the rings.


How many uses for trees here? box, bench, boat, deck, shed, fence, fuel.

wood pile

People have used trees for thousands of years to build items of necessity, and also decorative, even humourous things.

And sometimes, someone just does this….