Seascape Weathervane

Seascape Weathervane

The Photo Challenge: Each Wednesday, Timeless Lady at  Minding My P’s With Q posts a photograph of a Weather Vane with a short description of where it can be found, and any history connected to it. Anyone is welcome to join in.

Here’s my latest submission, a day late. My husband actually spotted this weathervane, atop an aged apartment  building. It features two ships sailing on a rough sea. The lower level of this three story structure has been converted into small shops and businesses, and the building, on the whole, has been well preserved. Its features seem to be a mix of architectural styles, making it unique in the area.


Field of Honour

Field of Honour


This is the Field of Honour portion of Regina’s oldest cemetery. Here lie those citizens who died for king and country in times of war.

– The Boer War, World War I, World War II, the Korean conflict –

The monument at the entrance says “In proud and lasting memory of those who rest within – see to it that their names be not forgotten”





The sheer number of headstones is overwhelming, and I feel overwhelmingly grateful for these fallen soldiers.

A Study in Contrast

A Study in Contrast

Autumn is the most amazing season! The contrasting colours are a treat for the eye. Each tree species turns red, orange, gold, or yellow in it’s own time. Some remain green a little longer, and of course the pine, fir, and spruce trees provide colour all year round. Whether the sky is brilliant blue, or cloudy grey, it provides a perfect backdrop for the myriad hues of fall.


Noteworthy Mailbox Search

Noteworthy Mailbox Search

Have you ever noticed the vast number of creatively decorated mailboxes? I’ve been on the lookout lately for some eye catching examples. Above, a dog that the mailman doesn’t have to avoid.



This little cottage is for mail, but if the home owners ever get a new mailbox, they could take the door off, and I’m sure a feathered couple would love to take up residence.







It was nearing dusk (which explains the grainy image) when I noticed this mailbox. How ingenious to have the house number on it light up at night!





Here’s another adorable cottage mailbox.







And this example, a brightly painted “welcome friends”.





And this, a mailbox made to look like an old fashioned car, is quite an imaginative example.

How about you? Do you see unique, or noteworthy mailboxes in your travels? If so, I’d love to see a post about them!