Church steeples, or spires, were originally supposed to direct the population to look upward and to keep a heavenly mindset. I enjoy the fantastic variety of these constructions. Some are traditional, and some are ultra modern. Take notice, and be “inspired.”

I Love Fairy Gardens

I Love Fairy Gardens

I love fairy gardens. I love the element of fantasy, the way they inspire the imagination, and the cute little objects contained in the miniature landscapes. I love them whether they are constructed of natural materials, or are skillfully crafted from recycled finds. I enjoy the versions small enough to fit in a teacup, and those that fill a garden corner outdoors. I even love pincushion fairy gardens with their embroidered details. I’ve tried my hand at a few; pincushion and natural. They may not be as beautiful as those produced by the truly talented, but I enjoyed the process of making them just the same.


Fine Form

Fine Form

The shallow depressions dug into the ground, or snow, by jack rabbits, are called forms. People sometimes complain about the damage done to lawn and garden by this digging behaviour of the neighbourhood rabbits. In winter, they aren’t as visible as they sit in their forms, because they blend in so well with the snowy landscape, and if the snow is deep enough, can be very hard to spot. I came across this form in the snow, dug at the base of a tree. I wonder how long the rabbit rested here? It amazes me how long the jack rabbits can sit motionless in the cold. Their fur must be extra thick at this time of year.

Highlights – Posts of 2017

Since I just began my blog in June of 2017, I wasn’t aware of the tradition of writers to review the year as it comes to an end. I’m happy to report that my first six months into this new venture, has been gratifying, and comments have been positive. Thank you to everyone who stopped by. I’ve also been inspired by the beautiful words, art, and photos posted by fellow bloggers.

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I also, with trepidation, posted some of my poetry. I had some encouraging comments, for which I’m so grateful, and I may post more in the future. If you care to read these posts, read on:

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Blessings to all, and wishes that the best is yet to come.

Snow Topper

Snow Topper

It’s funny how nests, that are hidden by lush foliage in the summer, become so conspicuous in the winter. This one, now filled with snow, makes me wonder what kind of birds occupied it in the summer. How many eggs were hatched here? To where do the birds fly for the winter? Will they be back in the spring? Nature provides me with both enjoyment and mystery. What new sights will meet me tomorrow?